Is God present in a sinner’s life? Yes, but how?

Saint Paul teaches that anguish, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness,  peril, or the sword are not sufficient to separate us from God (cf. Rom 8:35). However, could we say the same of vices, drugs or any other thing without making any distinctions? Do these not eradicate the presence of God from our interior?

A similar question could be made if this had been affirmed to us as if it were a dogmatic certainty…then the questions start to multiply. It is left unclear if God inhabits in the same way the soul of a good Christian who practices the commandments, in spite of difficulties and sufferings, and even perhaps falls, as that of a sinner, who doesn’t seek God and even despises Him, living in a scandalous way.

The truth is that this topic is very intricate, and should never be taken lightly. A dogmatic certainty clearly does not allow for ambiguities and lapses when explained to others. Thank God, Catholic doctrine sheds ample light on what the presence of God in our lives really is… Read this interesting article…

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