The so-called ‘culture of encounter’ or the enduring message of the Gospel?

Europe is, without doubt, the only continent whose borders are not defined by geographic criteria, for if these were to be considered, it would be nothing more than a peninsula of Asia! Europe is defined by a civilization held in common. It’s origins were modeled by the Holy Catholic Church, and as long as truly Catholic values regulated the life of the European people, its influence on the international level was supreme and its progress in all aspect – not only materially speaking – was unstoppable. On the other hand, the more it strays from such values, the obvious consequence is the darkening of its horizon.

Leo XIII compared the agitated times of his pontificate to ‘those happiest of times when the Church was revered as a mother,’ emphasizing how peace, tranquility and richness of society is a fruit of the influence of the Church, and that the best institutions and even true culture flourished only when people were submissive to its laws.

We need to ask ourselves now: to improve the tragic situation of the days in which we live, should we seek an exchange of values with religions or ideologies that will never produce the fruits that are born of the Church?

By any chance, has the mandate of Jesus changed from ‘Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel’ (Mk 16:15) to, ‘Go to the whole world and learn from the unbelievers?’ Read more…

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