The divorced in second union can receive Communion?

Some of Francis’ affirmations regarding the Eucharist have been utilized by for perverse purposes — by those who always do so — so as to sow confusion among the simple faithful. These often lack the formation necessary to grasp the subtle theological nuances involved in statements that are widely broadcast. For this reason, it is indispensable to clarify certain expressions that have been causing perplexity…

The Church, as a good Mother, has an abundance of immortal teachings promulgated by Her Magisterium that are within the reach of even Her most simple children, since they stand out for their perfect lucidity and precision. In this too She follows the words of Her divine Founder: “Do not be afraid any longer, little flock” (Lk 12:32).

Catholic doctrine is solidly based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Can this doctrine possibly be changed or reinterpreted in our times when it was set down by the Son of God himself?…Read on…

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2 thoughts on “The divorced in second union can receive Communion?

  1. Receiving Holy Communion we receive JESUS our Lord and GOD Second: It is not about us but about HIM, what is his will and what pleases him

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