At the Final Judgment, Christ will be an advocate and not the judge?

The contemplation of the imposing drama of the Last Judgment has always been of immense benefit to the faithful; and even in our days, it’s an efficacious element for awakening consciences and calling to conversion. A subject that appears with clarity and frequency in the Sacred Scriptures, the Last Judgment holds great pastoral value and is easily understandable by all. The Church condenses this truth of the faith in the definitive and simple words that Catholics pray daily in the Creed: Christ will come ‘to judge the living and the dead.’

But….will Christ really come as just judge? Or as something else? How will His judgment be? Full of tender goodness or resolute justice? Will he chastise anyone, or just embrace all, full of love?

In a word, the Church wishes that we think of the Final Judgment with only ‘expectation and deep joy’ or also with reverential fear that should help to keep us from sin and thus guarantee our eternal salvation?....Read on…

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