The Church should promote the laicity of the State?

Saint Augustine teaches that when justice disappears from temporal governments, they can be likened to ‘a large band of robbers’…This forceful expression doesn’t sound so farfetched to contemporary ears. And there must be some reason for this…

Throughout the ages, the Catholic religion inspired the most solid foundations of stability, justice and order ever known, particularly within the nations gathered under its protective mantle. On the other hand, when governments allowed this beneficial influence to fade moral values began to evaporate from society, leaving a free path for errors that rapidly draw the multitudes toward a fatal abyss. Consequently, we end up wondering to what extent it would be possible to maintain true justice in a State which is not only secular, but is also indifferent toward the Catholic Church, putting it on the same level as other religious denominations, thus giving full liberty to all kinds of error.

What has the Church taught for the past two thousand years regarding its relationship with the State?… Continue reading….

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