God’s omnipotence, natural evolution and magicians

I believe in God the Father Almighty…’ That’s how the Creed starts, that’s how we pray it every day, that’s what Christians believe, basing our conviction on Revelation.
The marvelous work of creation goes beyond our capacity of comprehension, consequently, we attribute it without any difficulty to a superior intelligence, to ‘Someone’ entirely superior to us, who shows great magnificence in the act of creation. Briefly described in Genesis, we contemplate creation only amidst the shadows of mystery. However, in recognizing that the universe was made by God, we cannot doubt that it came about according to his wise dispositions, whether it in an instantaneous manner or otherwise. We may admit that the work of the six days was extended for thousands of years, or claim that it lasted one minute. What we cannot do is establish limits to the attribute of God’s omnipotence, which – as the word itself says – can do all things…Denzinger-Bergoglio has more on this….

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