God is always a surprise, so you never know where and how you will find him

All Christians know, especially in moments of doubt and affliction, where and how to find God and obtain relief for their souls. Prayer, whether mental or vocal, is where we have the certainty of finding God, as he himself has promised us: ‘where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’(Mt 18:17).

The Most High is always disposed to hear us and attend to our necessities. At any moment we can put our soul in contact with him, all we have to do is recollect ourselves in the midst of our daily cares, and direct a plea to him, and he speaks to us mysteriously in the depths of our heart and our conscience. Right off, this idea, which sounds so natural to us, seems to clash with the affirmation: ‘You never know where and how you will find God’ since ‘you are not setting the time and place of the encounter with him’.
Has God changed his way of reacting to our requests? Is there a new way of encountering God? We need to clarify concepts. Read further…

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