Are all prayers agreeable to God?

‘Pray for me!’ – these are words often uttered by Francis to the most varied audiences. And the more he says it, the more bewilderment he causes many Catholics, because its not unusual that he says this not only to faithful of the Catholic Church, but also to excommunicated persons, schismatics, muslims, communists, atheists, and others…

When someone asked him: ‘Your Holiness, I want to ask why you ask so insistently that people pray for you? It isn’t normal, we’re not used to hearing a Pope ask so often that people pray for him’ Francis answered, presumably making a show of great humility: ‘I am truly conscious of my many limitations, with so many problems, and I a sinner – as you know! – and I have to ask for this. But it comes from within’ (In-flight Press Conference, returning from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – July 28, 2013).

We will not judge him by his actions. However, it would of course cause perplexity if Leo IX were to ask Miguel Cerulario – promoter of the Great Schism – to pray for him, Or if Leo X were to ask the same of Luther…

This is a topic of great significance, which raises doubts and requires clearing up…. Enter here

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2 thoughts on “Are all prayers agreeable to God?

  1. I really think that it we need to pray a lot for Pope Francis. If he really has a tumor in his head, he has not much time left to change from his strange ways.

  2. I was always thought that the Pope – being a highly spiritual man, our guide and the highest representative of Christ here on earth – is our powerful intercessor. Now, if he is asking to pray for him…

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