Francis’ intriguing criteria for the nominations of Bishops

‘The sheep follow him, because they recognize his voice’ (Jn 10:4). The suggestive imagery of the shepherd with his flock is almost a synonym of the Episcopal ministry in the Church. The faithful who hear the voice of the Bishop are the good sheep, docile to the action of God made present to them in the person of the prelate. On the other hand, the rebellious sheep represent the faithful who prefer to follow their own whims rather than submitting to ecclesiastical authority. The shepherd, in turn, has the responsibility to lead the sheep to good pasture, defend them from ferocious wolves, and protect them from thieves. This is how the bishop should proceed with his flock; teaching, governing, sanctifying and most especially being the perfect example of virtue.

Well then, if the owner of numerous flocks had to choose several shepherds to care of them, he would, without a doubt, hire the most experienced and zealous…Only a madman would prefer those who don’t have even the basic notions of the job at hand, and have no desire to learn more, but rather consider it sufficient to linger unconcerned nearby the flock, without taking precautions against the dangers that surround it.

In the great flock of Christ which is the Church, what are the criteria for the selection of shepherds, especially at this point in time when demagogy and populist socialism seem to strut around with impunity? Denzinger-Bergoglio explains further…

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2 thoughts on “Francis’ intriguing criteria for the nominations of Bishops

  1. Francis says he wants pastors – then why does he not kick out Kasper and his buddies? The church in Germany needs pastors too.

  2. The most important condition for Francis’ nominations to the episcopate: be entirely servile to Francis.

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