Who are the authentic guides that the faithful must follow?

A dedicated university student diligently prepares for final exams. His professional future will depend on his good results. Besides attending classes, the student will consult various sources, ask for advice from people who have already completed the same studies, and he will also seek the opinion of those who have mastered the topics at hand….but in all cases, his main attention will be focused on the lectures received from the professors. No one studies for exams depending merely on the assistance received from their companions! Security comes from following the guidance received from those who have the task of teaching.

So also, our spiritual life is a continuous preparation for the final exam which consists in the judgment on which our eternal destiny will depend. Though we have real necessity of the counsels of friends, and receive them with gladness and gratitude, it is indispensible to base oneself essentially on the direction of the authentic teachers to whom the Redeemer himself designated the mission of instructing, guiding and sanctifying his flock and to whom He gave a special charism for this task. Our eternal destiny is far too important for us to rely on the support of our older brothers and sisters alone. Read on…

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5 thoughts on “Who are the authentic guides that the faithful must follow?

  1. “Mexican Bishops livid at Pope” must read at RORATE CAELI blog. Another encounter with Pope Francis brings confusion and painful division. “… a reasonable Pope would have praised….Instead it seems he despises them” Rorate Caeli article.

  2. Guides? One thing is certain is that Francis leading a lot of people into the abyss. Will you be doing something about his new video?

  3. The worst part of all this is that these same false pastors who are tearing apart the order established in the Church by the Holy Spirit abuse their own authority to teach error. And the same yes-men who defend even the most weird of Francis’ ideas now fall into contradiction – either the lay people have their say or not. If not, Francis made a mistake. If so, well, they need to be heard, “Francis you are a heretic!”

  4. We need to follow the lay people, EXCEPT when the lay people criticize Francis. Warped logic? No…just a sign of the times we are in.

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