For Francis, who has faith? Those who receive it from the Church or those who build it up by themselves?

People highly attuned to nature easily notice physical and climatic changes by the slightest signs. Apparently minor changes often warn of a dramatic event that may be fast approaching, so it is necessary to identify such signs in order to forestall damages. These perceptions are mainly enjoyed by a handful of weather experts, or persons who live intensely connected with the earth, mountains or sea, who end up acquiring, through experience, a good intuition of what is happening, or about to happen.

However, the same does not occur with regard to salvation matters. Rather, all who receive baptism, profess the faith of the Church and live in the grace of God possess the sensus fidei that aids their discernment of things concerning eternal life. So, this perception does not belong to a privileged few, but rather to all who have the wherewithal to recognize the errors of the epoch and the doings of the Holy Spirit. And this will depend entirely on the sheep’s fidelity in seeking the voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Perhaps that is why numerous Catholics become disturbed when weighty matters are spoken of in nebulous fashion, from very high thrones. A series of questions then arise: Is this really orthodox? Does it faithfully express Catholic doctrine? Can we honestly pray the Creed and affirm such things? It is even more worrisome when the theme at hand touches on something as central as the faith, on which all else depends. One need not be an expert to realize that storms loom on the horizon. And apparently no small storms… Read on..

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4 thoughts on “For Francis, who has faith? Those who receive it from the Church or those who build it up by themselves?

  1. Come on! You cannot expect that a Pope says every single word right. In a world where every line a person says reaches every continent in a matter of minutes, one cannot expect that any important world figure has a 24/7 perfect vocabulary. you guys should give Francis a break and spend your time doing some more useful evangelization.

    • No, he hides his errors and un-truths between deposit of faith. I find this evil intent almost every time he speaks.

  2. thsnk you very much for this lovely initiative. it is heartening to know that there still exist priests who are faithful to the true church in these times of apostasy.

  3. Your final line at the end of the study about how the Modernists’ idea of faith is seems to me the key to the whole question. Francis is a Modernist.

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