The reform of the Church that Francis wishes: is the truth of the faith taken into account?

Let’s imagine a ship from the era of the explorers, manned by valiant souls, setting off on a noble mission – to bring the treasure of the faith and civilization to distant, inhospitable lands. Their endeavors would not only win them earthly glory but, above all, a heavenly reward for having opened wide the doors of Redemption to numerous souls.

When the caravel has already left the port far behind, a violent storm gravely threatens the expedition’s realization and even the lives of crew-members. In this desperate situation they look to their experienced captain, awaiting his swift and ingenious directives to save the ship and all who are in it. However, he suddenly decides to ignore the experience accrued from previous navigations, and begins to try out new tactics whose efficacy has not yet been proven. If they were reasonable attempts, all would be well… but he starts making strange commands. He tells his men to cast the sails into the ocean, dialogue with the waves, abandon the positions of command! … However good-willed the captain may be, the consequences can only be disastrous and irreversible…

Founded by Jesus, the Holy Church has grown and developed upon firm rock, for its methods, times and schedules, language and, above all, its structures, were constituted over twenty centuries under the Holy Spirit’s direct inspiration.

In our day, this is not the first time that the bark of the Church has had to weather crises and storms, but it has never needed to radically change its structures, nor alter the objective of its mission of bringing the Good News to all nations. For this intent, nothing could be more important than the formation of a wise and holy clergy to stand at the helm and steer the faithful along the course of sanctity of life. In this way, it has triumphed amid storms in the past, converted multitudes and attained the transformation of the world.

Leaving aside these proofs offered by History itself, other plans are devised and implemented. What consequences have already ensued, and what are we yet to witness? Read more….

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3 thoughts on “The reform of the Church that Francis wishes: is the truth of the faith taken into account?

  1. Francis and his reform will be sent to everlasting punishment by God and history. The Most Holy Virgin will triumph as She promised, and with Her the Church.

  2. Reform the Church? What happened to the sex scandals that rocked the Church before Bergoglio? Are we to believe that all the bad people just went away by themselves? Or is it all right now, since who are we to judge?

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