Amoris Laetitia… Does Francis have affinity with the Jovinian heresy?

In a previous study, we analyzed a reference that Francis presented in number 159 of Amoris Laetitia. Taken from a catechesis of Pope John Paul II, July 14, 1982, this reference was truncated in its essential theological dimension. Consequently, having silenced what Pope John Paul II had affirmed in recalling that virginity and celibacy are based on an option for the sake of the “kingdom of Heaven” (Mt 19:12), Francis prompts a one-sided interpretation.

In synthesis, Francis wishes to defend the theory that matrimony, virginity and celibacy are on an equal footing:


Rather than speak absolutely of the superiority of virginity, it should be enough to point out that the different states of life complement one another, and consequently that some can be more perfect in one way and others in another (Amoris Laetitia, 159).

A doctrinal confusion emerges with this Bergoglian stance, namely through its unclear definition of what “way” matrimony can be considered superior to virginity. As demonstrated, this position does not coincide with the teachings of Pope John Paul II, who, following the doctrinal and pastoral tradition of the Holy Church, had put this matter in its just equilibrium by affirming:

The evangelical and authentically Christian superiority of virginity and continence is dictated by the motive of the kingdom of heaven. In Christ’s words recorded in Matthew (Mt 19:11-12) we find a solid basis for admitting only this superiority, while we do not find any basis whatever for any disparagement of matrimony which, however, could have been present in the recognition of that superiority.” (John Paul II. Audience, April 7, 1982)



Moreover, this superiority of celibacy and virginity over matrimony was dogmatically declared by the Council of Trent when it condemned the Protestant error that denied this superiority: Denzinger-Hünermann 1810: Council of Trent, The Sacrament of Marriage, Session XXIV, Canon X

The heresy of Jovinian asserted that the merit of consecrated virgins was equaled by conjugal chastity. Hence, it is said that in Rome, certain nuns who had not hitherto been suspected of immorality, contracted marriage. […] In the book De ecclesiasticis dogmatibus we find the following declaration: “To set virginity on a level with matrimony is not Christian but Jovinian”. (Saint Thomas Aquinas. The perfection of the spiritual life, Ch. XII)

In face of these observations, each reader may draw his own conclusions. More here…

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5 thoughts on “Amoris Laetitia… Does Francis have affinity with the Jovinian heresy?

  1. Yes, the Pope, or so-called-pope is a heretic… What do we do now? Is new Bernard of Clairvaux going to appear? All good Catholics should do penance to hasten the days that God call a Holy Pope to guide His church and flock. In the mean time, your work is indispensable, the truth needs to be said somewhere. And even if you are anonymous in this web page, God knows who you are. As Priests of God, you give proof that His Church is still alive! Please pray for me and my family in your masses. I am sure your prayers are heard by the God.

  2. You have given me all the arguments I need to defend my religious vocation! I did not know the Church defended the superiority of virginity over married life. No one ever talks about these truths. Does Francis have the clergy so terrified that they are afraid to speak up and defend Church teachings? Why such silence on this topic? It is hard enough to go against your family to try to join a convent, if priests do not support religious life and explain it’s benefits we do not know if becoming a religious is a selfish goal. If I am accepted into my convent I am going to offer my religious life for a complete renewal within the Church. Thank you Fathers for this beautiful font of Catholic Doctrine and please pray for my vocation.

  3. I like your title, and I would like to give my humble conclusion. Not only does he have affinity Jovinian heresies, but he is Jovinian, Lutheran, and perhaps even Islamic…. It is time he takes off his papal insignias and puts on the clothes of a penitent…. maybe God can still have mercy on him…. that is if he wants mercy, it seems repentance is against his heretical religion.

  4. Amoris Letitia does not only want to justify family immorality, but wants to lash out at religious life as well! What does Francis want to do, kill two birds with one stone? After this study the stone just came back and hit him one the head. Keep throwing them back at him, it is legitimate defense! God will reward you for defending His Church and Catholic Doctrine.

  5. This time you have really hit the nail on Francis’ heretical head. There is no soft interpretation of his words that can possibly wash away the mark of heresy on this count. Kudos.

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