‘The Church has never been better’: Is this madness or megalomania?

In concentration camps, diabolical methods of torture abound. Besides the various forms of physical abuse, prisoners are also subjected to harrowing psychological pressures.

Imagine that after a week of torture, a languishing victim receives a visit from a physician. After checking him over, the doctor declares the poor captive to be in excellent health, well-nourished, possessing the energy levels and fitness of a youth!

What would the prisoner think of this diagnosis? Surely that it was another act of psychological torture perpetrated by his captors…perhaps to make him continue with his ‘labor’. Clearly, such a doctor could only be considered one of the prisoner’s worst enemies.

The sufferings Holy Mother Church is currently enduring are shared by many Catholics. Many are concerned about the lack of religious and priestly vocations, the decline in the number of practicing Catholics around the world, and the generalized neglect of the Sacraments. The faithful see popular piety suppressed and the family recitation of the rosary considered a thing of the past, and they are shocked at the conduct of so many even Church authorities. They are aware that Catholics are being persecuted and slain in Muslim countries, and that the use of religious symbols and images and the very name of Jesus is being banned even in former Catholic nations.

In light of all of this, Catholics have come to hinge their hopes solely on the promise Christ made guaranteeing the immortality of the Church, without which many would ask themselves whether the Church would survive the present crisis. The tragic situation does not succeed in making them doubt this promise, but rather unites and rallies them to better combat the evils at hand.

However, when we hear from the mouth of the Shepherd, at this juncture in history, that ‘the Church has never been better’… we can’t help remembering the prisoner of war’s ‘clean bill of health’. Truly, worse than the evils themselves is the declaration, by the very one who could remedy them, that all is well.

Once again, if it weren’t for unshakable faith in God and trust in the Blessed Virgin Mary, it would be enough to drive anyone to insanity. Nevertheless, God has never abandoned his Church; He always sends saintly souls who come forward to lead her to victory. Enter here for more…

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7 thoughts on “‘The Church has never been better’: Is this madness or megalomania?

  1. The Church has never been better if you consider that in-spite of Francis she is still alive and has children that defend her against her infiltrated enemies…

  2. The Church and its numbers have never fallen so low as in these days. “The Church has never been better” for the non-catholics, the atheists, the protestants, the orthodox and all others who have been waiting for centuries to pull the Church down and destroy her. Well, there’s lots to question about Bergoglio.
    Let’s implore God to save His Church.

  3. Does Bergoglio really know where the Catholic Church is? For he seems to be searching the true sheep in the wrong places like Cuba, among the Orthodox and Homosexuals, among Muslim refugees, among the Jews and Rock stars and the list could go on and on…

  4. Well the way I see it the Pope may be correct. The church of man is surging while the Church of God is disappearing. The church of covetousness is surging the Church of Christian Charity is diminishing. The church built on sand is surging while the Church built on Rock is eroding. The church of the here and now is surging while the Church of the Ages declines and is ridiculed.

  5. The blood of the martyrs cry out for resilience not capitulation. Capitulation is what we are offered by the church leader’s. This will not end well.

  6. Or one has to be absolutely blind, or one has lost common sense to perceive the crisis that the Church has been placed in by Bergoglio and his media team.

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