Union among the faithful is based on care for the marginalized

On the day of the spectacular descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the Apostles were so filled with strength and courage, that Saint Peter went out and converted three thousand people that very day with his preaching. From these conversions we have the first ecclesial testimony: ‘They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life. […] All who believed were together and had all things in common’ (Acts 2: 42–44). The basis of this great union among the faithful is clear: the faith transmitted by the Apostles, charity, the Eucharist and prayer. This model, perpetuated in the Church until modern times, is now threatened with change as new ‘models’ emerge, placing the poor as the center around which we ought to revolve.

Let’s take a look at what Francis tells us, and bear in mind how true union is achieved in any ambit of the Church, what religious practices really consist of, and finally, where man’s true liberation is found. Read more…

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4 thoughts on “Union among the faithful is based on care for the marginalized

  1. If you read Fr. Malachi Martin’s The Jesuits, you will not be surprised by anything that emerges from Francis’ mouth, or his pen. His ideas are literally identical with Latin American Jesuit Liberation Theology, resurrected from the 1960s and 70s.

  2. The greatest union I have ever felt is with fervent faithful Catholics who
    pray together looking forward to the Second Coming and working towards sanctification. Those I know in my little community meet regularly and there is no divide between age groups in any way; young and old alike have inspirations to share and insights, prayers and love. We feel like one family but are solely united by love for Our Lord. These people, even if across the world, are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Poor is often in the eyes of the beholder. Although the truly poor, the starving, like lepers, must be physically helped so they may have dignity and life itself of course. But even that will not save them if they do not know Jesus.

  3. Could you please comment on Cardinal Parolin’s words about China? It seems to me that they are selling off the Catholics there much in teh same way as you pointed out about Ukraine.

  4. The poor are our cause of union…???? Well then why did Our Savior tell the apostles to preach the gospel to all the nations? Should He have told them to go and take care of the poor of all the nations? I believe Judas would have made that suggestion. Does Francis forget that preaching the gospel inevitably brings about the help of the poor, but what unites everyone is Our Lord Jesus Christ, not the poor…. Someone should ask the “poor” who they feel better taken care of, by people who believe they are the center of the Church, or by people that love God above all things.

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