For the family in crisis, Francis: “I do not have the recipe”

The crisis affecting the institution of the family in today’s society is amply recognized by all. Faced with this situation, Catholics who want to remain faithful to the teachings of the Church, naturally seek in the Church the correct path and true solutions they need.Continue Reading

Shouldn’t youth be taught the truth about marriage?

It’s no novelty that the enemies of the Holy Church try to manipulate the words of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in favor of their own illegitimate interests.Continue Reading

Having a large family is a sign of irresponsibility?

Within any society, people encounter certain difficulties in carrying out their activities for, to a greater or lesser extent, differences of criteria naturally demand that one give in to others for things to run smoothly, for obstacles to be overcome and a common objective to be achieved. As such, marriage also requires significant renunciations in the interests of a greater good. Read more…