Since God is good, does He really chastise eternally?

There are some uncomfortable truths that we would like to forget…to make things easier. Though there is certainly no benefit derived from this mentality, some people persist in it, thinking that by the fact of insistently denying the truth, it will just cease to exist.

A few months ago, certain newspapers, of dubious religiosity, published articles with headlines such as: ‘Pope Francis reviews the theology of Hell,’ ‘Does an eternal hell exist? Pope Francis is open to reviewing this idea’ or ‘Pope Francis reviews the dogma of the eternal chastisement in hell’. To defend such an outlandish theory, the articles – devoid of true intellectual integrity – were based on an affirmation of Pope Francis in the mass with the cardinals created in the last Consistory.

Since such truths are what real pastors should make the most efforts to preach about – if, in fact, we wish to work for the salvation of souls – it is opportune to ask ourselves certain questions: By any chance may the Pope change a revealed truth? Perhaps the Church cannot eternally condemn, but what about God? Should preaching about hell cease? After death can’t one still repent? Does God, who is good, really chastise eternally?…Read to know more…

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