Poverty: new definition of the Mystical Body of Christ?

Love for the poor is no novelty within the Church of Christ, although some try to present it as a recent innovation, something that sprung up in the past few years…In fact, it was the Church that multiplied beneficient works all over the world, often in face of severe criticism from the pagans who, in their hedonistic perspective, scoffed at the followers of Christ. But, Christians always persevered in following the example of the Divine Redeemer, who gave us the example to follow and left us that divine law of charity: we should encounter the image of Christ Himself in those who suffer!

Nonetheless, the divine call toward conversion was directed to all, rich or poor; and the kind of poverty that merited the title of ‘beatitude’ was poverty of the spirit, consisting in detachment from the things of the world and in humility.

So, when faced with certain biased outlooks, we just might ask: Are there poor people who are actually rich in spirit? Do there exist rich people who are detached from their goods? Is the ‘option for the poor’ exclusive and excluding? Further, if the idea of the ‘flesh of Christ’ has a relationship with the Mystical Body, is the poverty of the peripheries what makes a person part of this Body?

As always, the Magisterium luminously teaches us all. Let’s have alook at what the Mystical Body of Christ is, and who its true members are. Read more on this much discussed subject…

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