“No one is saved alone, God saves a people”: so why bother about virtue as long as I belong to God’s people?

What would you think of a recipe book that conceals the main ingredients of its recipes? And, what is worse, explains the steps to prepare each dish in a confusing manner? Now, any earthly fare, as good as it may be, is insignificant before the supreme subject of our eternal destiny.
While interpreting certain words by Pope Francis in his interview with Antonio Spadaro, some have wanted to reduce this essential problematic to the simple maxim: ‘You will be judged by the company you keep.’ In effect, if eternal salvation doesn’t depend on the individual, but rather exclusively on our belonging to the People of God, our good or evil works would be indifferent….

But if this is true, why bother trying to practice virtue and to remain in the state of grace? Let’s just live as we wish, and continue to call ourselves Catholics!
Does our eternal destiny depend more on human communities and popular dynamics than on ourselves? To avoid confusion, it’s always a good idea to remember the true Catholic doctrine about the conquest of eternal happiness. .er on our belonging to the people of God, our good or evil works are indifferent.Read more on this…

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