We are all equal – everyone! But this equality is not acknowledged and society is unjust

‘You will be like gods’ (Gen 3:5). When Eve fell into the temptation proposed by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, there were immediate and disastrous consequences for our first parents: expulsion from Paradise, loss of supernatural and preternatural gifts, and a life of suffering. The pretension of being ‘equal to God’ was the cause of all the evils that exist in the world. This same temptation is repeated in man’s interior even today. The illusion of not having superiors incites man to believe that tranquility comes from a total equality of wealth, position and responsibilities.

The Church, as a Mother, has never been indifferent to the needs of the poorest. Institutes of charity, born of her inexhaustible bounty, were dedicated not only to feeding those in need, but even more, to making them feel loved and appreciated. The Church has always instructed the prosperous to practice generosity, using their wealth to assist their neighbor. This concern of the superior for the inferior created mutual esteem and harmony between the different social classes – classes that were not closed in on themselves, but rather in continuous relations. Those benefitted were thankful for the help received from the wealthier, and desired their prosperity, while the latter, in turn, were moved to grant more favors due to the affection and gratitude expressed. In conclusion: where fraternal love reigns, justice exists, for everyone receives what he deserves. And where justice exists, solid peace is established. However, a fraternal love whereby some sacrifice themselves for others can only come from the love of God. On the contrary, when everyone wants to be equal, egoism reigns and we are led to ask: what is the true cause of injustice? What does the Church teach regarding social equality? Is radical equality really the solution to obtain peace?...Read more on this…

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