Laudato si’ (II): what Francis forgot

Advertizing, news, social networks…we are bombarded on all sides by information…But the information we receive is often contradictory. Who should we listen to? What path should we follow? Where is the real truth to be found?

An Encyclical is launched, and as Catholics we avidly read it in search of directives to give meaning to our lives, indicating the steps we should take so as to live our holy Religion with authenticity in the midst of a society devastated by sin. We hoped for clear words to strengthen us in the faith of the Church, which has suffered such defamation in our days. But… instead, we find warnings about the care of nature! So ecologists feel encouraged, the soothsayers of climatic change are buoyant, those of other religions are respected, and we Catholics – forgotten, abandoned and, why not admit it…a little perplexed. Isn’t Jesus Christ the center of our faith? Why does this document refer to Him and His Church in such a vague and secondary manner? Is care for creation really the most important aspect in the life of a Christian, above all in these times? Will we conquest Heaven simply by loving and caring for irrational creatures?

Faced with these concerns, it seems necessary to fix our attention on the Light that never stops shining, on the wellspring of Truth, on the infallible voice of the Popes and the Magisterium of the Church, so as to consider what they have to tell us – so much! — about the topics dealt with in this Encyclical.

What should the attitude of the faithful be with regards to the whole of creation? Read on…

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