For Francis, Islam is a religion of peace. Peace…without Christ?

In the first part of the study, we saw how the Redemption gave to man an abundance of grace, liberating him from sin, which is the true demolisher of peace. It was Christ, therefore, who brought peace to the earth and it is only within the religion He founded – the only dispenser of grace – that true peace is found, since peace is always a fruit of justice and charity. Christ is peace and his Church is the only element that guarantees it. Pius XII affirmed: “How far removed from procuring a secure peace are those who trample underfoot the sacred rights of the Catholic Church”….. which is precisely what Islam does!!! More on this…

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2 thoughts on “For Francis, Islam is a religion of peace. Peace…without Christ?

  1. Francis has been supporting every other religion except the Catholic one. Isn’t something wrong?

  2. Send Francis to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Malaysia, Sudan or any other of the dozens of muslim countries or even countries with muslim majorities. Then ask him again: is islam a religion of peace?

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