When the poor expelled Christ…

From the heart, love and compassion spring, and life flows. Within a home, the children are the primary concern of the family, but the mother is the heart. Without the mother, what are the children?

In Christian life, we also have a heart that loves, that is moved, that gives life; not the heart of a mother but rather a Divine Heart: Jesus. He himself is the heart that takes care of his children, that provides for the poor, both for their material and spiritual necessities. Jesus is the Heart of the Gospel, which announces the message of salvation to all without exception. It is the Redeemer himself who encourages us along the path of conversion with words of compassion: ‘Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest’ (Mt 11:28).

Let us take care to not attribute to the children, who are the object of the mother’s care, the heart, which is hers. Without Jesus, what would become of the poor? The Gospel is above all the proclamation of Jesus Christ and his love for us. Click here to read more..

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