Islam promotes peace? By systematically violating the natural and divine laws?

In the previous parts of our study, we have clearly observed that peace is a work of justice and a fruit of charity. It results from the practice of what is good, which is taught by the natural and divine law and accomplished with the help of grace. We now arrive at the point where we might ask – especially considering the declarations of Francis that we are analyzing: Is peace possible in Islam without the concept of an objective good or the natural law and above all without the indispensable aid of supernatural grace?

As we have seen in another study (On whether Allah is the same as God), in Islam goodness and the law are absolutely conditioned to Allah’s will – and he may change as he pleases, or even contradict himself! Neither is it possible to speak of an objective and immutable Natural Law that is accepted by Muslims; and, consequently, even less of an objective good or justice. The licit (halal) or the illicit (be it detestable, makruh, or emphatically prohibited, haram) depend upon the – often unreasonable – will of Allah, the Legislator, who is so transcendante that he is above all human categories (even what humans consider the most basic logic or morality): ‘Allah orders what He desires’. (Koran 5.2) ‘(High is He) above what they attribute to Him’ (Koran 21.22)!

Further, Muslims do not take into account what we call ‘human nature’ as a point of reference, nor even a rational good. Rather, man and his goodness are according to the teachings of the Koran, and depend on the caprice of Allah. And, as he taught that the unfaithful, ‘the idolaters are nothing but unclean’ (Koran 9. 28), ‘the vilest animals in Allah’s sight’ (Koran 8.55; 98. 6), as animals they ‘have no sense’ (Koran 8.22) – there is no way of considering humans as beings in Allah’s likeness.

Most importantly, as Muslims do not possess grace, they are incapable of steadily practicing justice or charity – and consequently, they do not have true peace. Read on…

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  1. Remember what the muslim chap prayed in the gardens of the Vatican during that first encounter for peace? He muttered verses from their book that spoke of bringing the infidels to Allah. So much for Francis and his attempts to whitewash Islam.

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