A re-reading of the Gospels: was it only mercy that moved Christ?

It is very pleasing, and above all, we feel love and admiration when, on going through the pages of the Gospel, we observe how Jesus ‘went about doing good’ (Acts 10: 38) – He cured all, pardoned sins, multiplied loaves, resurrected the dead, blessed children, etc. But, there is a truth that is often forgotten in our days, and even ends up being despised by those who would prefer to tear away the memory of it from their consciences: in the inseparable unity of merciful Jesus, there also exists justice, severity and integrity that does not tolerate the abominations or the errors of those who obstinately persist in sin. Both are the same Jesus…in both ways, Jesus is good, rather He is Goodness itself!

The pages of the Gospel clearly demonstrate this complex reality, flowing from the same Divine Heart so full of sweetness and mercy.

Faced with today’s widespread corruption, and the grave violations that are committed against his eternal law, could it be that Christ, who is God Immutable, ceases to be just and becomes only merciful? Are we be acting in a judicious manner by mollifying sinners who are proud of their state and don’t have the slightest intention of changing? Or, by proceeding in this way, are we not debasing our dignity as children of God, in an attempt to adapt ourselves to the world? To answer these questions, it is opportune to recall the perennial teachings of the Catholic Doctrine regarding the true meaning of divine justice and mercy. Read further…

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5 thoughts on “A re-reading of the Gospels: was it only mercy that moved Christ?

  1. If ‘what moved Jesus in all situations was nothing other than mercy’, then one must conclude that it is an act of mercy to whip money changers, to curse cities, to deny a reply to certain people and to call people whitewashed tombs. Francis’ logic always enchants me. If I get close to him, perhaps I could exercise this acts of mercy on him.

  2. In my opinion, this point can never be sufficiently stressed. In the name of mercy, Francis is promoting the worst things.
    Just one comparison from your post would be sufficient to show who he is. he says “Everything in God speaks of mercy. Nothing in him is devoid of compassion.”
    And St. Alphonsus says “God is merciful. Who denies it? But great as is his mercy, how many does he send to hell every day? God is merciful: but he is also just; and therefore he is obliged to punish those who offend him. He shows mercy; but to whom? To them who fear him. He hath strengthened His mercy toward them that fear Him. As a father hath compassion on his children, so hath the Lord compassion on them that fear Him (Ps 102:11,13). But he executes justice on those who despise him, and abuse his mercy to insult him the more. God pardons sin; but he cannot pardon the will or the determination to sin.”
    Thank you for your wonderful work.

    • Fathers, perhaps you would consider opening up a special section of mercy – as Walsh notes, this pretext of false mercy is at the root of all Francis’ innovations.

    • GOD is HOLY. You cannot get to heaven without striving for holiness. Christ’s bitter passion is his absolute MERCY, resulting in the Holy Mother Church and the saving Sacraments. He gave us the commandments, the first THREE being the most important. …”For I, the Lord, your God am a jealous God ” (EX 20:5,6) GOD is LOVE, he gives his only begotten Son, so we can see what LOVE is, and we are to love HIM that way, “and hold nothing back for yourself” said Saint Francis. To think that a person can stay in sin united to Evil and receive mercy anyway without repenting is defiance and outrageous sacrilege against HOLY glorious loving GOD.

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