Francis wants to make us to believe that Catholics and the Orthodox are united by the same Tradition and mission. Will he manage?

On February 12, all eyes turned toward Cuba on the occasion of Francis’ encounter with Kirill, the Greco-Schismatic Patriarch of Moscow, following a centuries-long rupture of relations. Unfortunately, to the perplexity – or indignation – of Catholics, this encounter did not signify any progress toward the conversion of those belonging to the auto-denominated ‘Orthodox’ church…but rather the contrary. They were encouraged to announce the Gospel without the necessity of returning to the Church…they were called brothers in the faith…without a rejection of the heresies they profess!

Are the schismatics following the right path, though far from the Church? Do they really proclaim the Gospel if they themselves reject it, being blind leading the blind?

Over a thousand years have passed since the Greek schismatic, so-called ‘Orthodox Church’ (orthodox only by name) separated from the bosom of the true Church. Revolted against the idea of recognizing the Pope rather than the bishop of Constantinople as Supreme Pontiff, they echoed the cry of Satan: ‘I will not serve’. Clearly, disobedience to a precept with a spirit of rebellion ends up in schism, and schismatics soon fall into heresy. Among other doctrinal points, they reject the proceeding of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son, and have since also fallen into other heresies.

The Holy Mother Church never takes the separation of her children with indifference, for she firmly teaches that salvation only exists within the institution founded by Jesus Christ, which is solidly founded on Peter.

No effort has been spared by the Church in the attempt to dtraw these lost sheep to conversion, but their pride is not easily dominated. Efforts have been made, but were short-lived, and to this day the same schism persists.

This would be the moment to hope for categorical words from a Pope, declaring the truths regarding the error of the schismatics. But alas, what does he say? Enter here…

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2 thoughts on “Francis wants to make us to believe that Catholics and the Orthodox are united by the same Tradition and mission. Will he manage?

  1. Like Catholics, the orthodox are called to evangelize the world? That’s ridiculous. Ever since they broke with Rome, their upper clergy were appointed by the heads of state, namely the Czars, and in modern times by the atheist communist government. How can the tools in the hands of the communists possibly evangelize? Francis probably thinks that we are a bunch of latin-amaerican idiots like his followers in Argentina if he dreams that he can pull this one in us.

  2. Great article. I also read on an Orthodox website that: “So as Son of God, He assumed fallen human nature from her [The Holy Virgin]..” Did Jesus assume fallen nature? No. He assumed human nature but was free from Original Sin and every other sin. The “Orthodox” or the Unorthodox, as I call them, actually claim God assumed Original Sin!

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