Can the matrimonial bond be ruptured? Isn’t marriage indissoluble? An essential addition…

When we priests prepare young couples for marriage, we know that one of the most important points that is to be made clear is regarding the indissolubility of the marriage bond, which is sealed when they contract matrimony. It’s moving to witness the situation of those who, taking this notion so seriously that even after the misfortune of a separation, not always desired by one of the spouses, find the strength and courage to respect the matrimonial bond, in their awareness of the beauty existing in this testimony of fidelity to the Sacrament, the benefits of living in the state of grace and the sanctity of indissolubility as an image of the mystery of union between Christ and his Church.

The world scorns the immutability of the divine laws and preaches a relativistic doctrine which suggests that failure within a marriage is the same as a rupture in the matrimonial bond. The spouse, who wishes to remain faithful despite all, will have to put up with pressures from all sides, even from family members, who try to convince him or her that their marriage ended with separation and that they are free to form a new family. Those who give in to this proposal, perhaps have a lighter existence under certain aspects, but this attitude will end up bringing about other disastrous consequences on a personal level, as well as with respect to their eternal salvation, and even on the level of society itself.

If we are truly pastors who desire the salvation of our flock, we can’t use terminology that contradict the doctrine of the Church or that might give an erroneous idea about its teaching. That’s why we became perplexed with Francis’ recent affirmation, which refers to ‘how to take care of those who, after an rupture of their matrimonial bond, have entered into a new union’ Today we include a new study, in addition to the analyses made a few days ago regarding certain aspects of these declarations, with particular emphasis on the strange affirmation about a ‘rupture of the matrimonial bond’ to which Francis alluded. Could he be affirming that such a thing exists? Is it possible that the Pope sustains the idea that matrimony is not indissoluble? Because, that which can be ruptured, is not indissoluble.

To avoid confusions, the best thing to do is recall the lucid doctrine of Holy Mother Church regarding this fundamental aspect of matrimony. Read more on this….

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  1. This post is obviously obsolete. Francis has abolished indissoluble marriage with Amoris Laetitia.

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