The truth will set you free

A series of critical objections against the doctrine and praxis of the Church pertain to questions of a pastoral nature. Some say, for example, that the language used in the ecclesial documents is too legalistic, that the rigidity of law prevails over an understanding of dramatic human situations. They claim that the human person of today is no longer able to understand such language, that Jesus would have had an open ear for the needs of people, particularly for those on the margins of society. They say that the Church, on the other hand, presents herself like a judge who excludes wounded people from the sacraments and from certain public responsibilities.Continue Reading

Bergoglian matrimonial chaos and Jesus’ true teachings regarding marriage – welcoming a correspondent from Rome

We publish here an interesting reflection from one of the most recent members of the Denzinger-Bergoglio network (Spanish edition), a renowned Roman canonist, Who Will keep us notified about how things are in canonical circles at the decasteries in the Eternal City.

A new document has been distributed in the Roman Rota regarding the recent reform of matrimonial processes. It is entitled “Sussidio applicativo del Motu proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus”- a subsidy for the application of the Motu Proprio recently released.Continue Reading

“Praying is not like taking an aspirin”…but neither is confession!

Francis payed homage to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, granting an audience to the prayer groups inspired by this Italian saint; a multitude of 40,000 filled Saint Peter´s square a few days ago, accompanying his relics along with those of Saint Leopold Mandic. The media, who are always so favorable toward Francis, almost unanimously chose one of his characteristic sayings to serve as an opening line for the news item: “Praying is not like taking an aspirin…” (Catholic Review)Continue Reading

The divorced who ‘remarry’ enjoy God’s friendship?

Who hasn’t passed through the sad situation of assisting a beloved one in their last moments? When finally he or she passes away, we continue to suffer as we contemplate their body, inert, but still loved….But, death is cruel – for it’s not satisfied to just take away life…if we don’t bury the body, a dangerous decay occurs, putting the health of the others at risk. Continue Reading