Bergoglian matrimonial chaos and Jesus’ true teachings regarding marriage – welcoming a correspondent from Rome

We publish here an interesting reflection from one of the most recent members of the Denzinger-Bergoglio network (Spanish edition), a renowned Roman canonist, Who Will keep us notified about how things are in canonical circles at the decasteries in the Eternal City.

A new document has been distributed in the Roman Rota regarding the recent reform of matrimonial processes. It is entitled “Sussidio applicativo del Motu proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus”- a subsidy for the application of the Motu Proprio recently released.Continue Reading

The divorced who ‘remarry’ enjoy God’s friendship?

Who hasn’t passed through the sad situation of assisting a beloved one in their last moments? When finally he or she passes away, we continue to suffer as we contemplate their body, inert, but still loved….But, death is cruel – for it’s not satisfied to just take away life…if we don’t bury the body, a dangerous decay occurs, putting the health of the others at risk. Continue Reading