Is it honest to switch Christ for interconfessionalism in dialogue?

Over the last three years we have all accompanied Francis’ constant efforts to hold out a hand toward other religions in an attempt to foment ecumenical dialogue with surprising and novel implications.

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The Koran retains Christian teachings? Jesus and Mary receive profound veneration in it? Oh Francis!!

For now… Yes, for now the Muslims spread throughout the world are like meek lambs, undoubtedly laughing up their sleeves at the westerners in their search for peace and union with them. We aren’t saying this with our head in the clouds; rather, with great certainty after having examined certain exhortations of the Koran. We all know that this is the sacred book of Islam, the literal and eternal word of Allah and his prophet Mohamed, to whom every Muslim owes absolute fidelity.Continue Reading

The Gospel or the world… who has the last word?

My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me’ (Jn 10:27). No one can but be enchanted at the sight of a flock led by its shepherd. Continue Reading

Francis confirms: The Denzinger-Bergoglio was right

The official interpretation of “Amoris Laetitia” according to Francis

Though somewhat eclipsed by the sensational footage spread interminably by the press, perhaps the most interesting aspect of Francis’ recent journey to Lesbos, would be the confirmation that he made of a certain commentary we had published with respect to “Amoris Laetitia”, Continue Reading

Division between Catholics and Anglicans – merely a problem of human ambition?

Catherine of Aragon – the Spanish princess married to Henry VIII, King of England – after having been repudiated by him, could well have exclaimed: “our division is nothing less than a scandal,” and the Catholic world, upon discovering this monarch’s concubinage with Anne Boleyn could well exclaim: “Your union is nothing less than a scandal!Continue Reading

A juggling act that leads to the abyss…

A look at some of Francis’ affirmations pronounced during the last Jubilee Audience (April 30, 2016) might be useful to our readers.

“Often we think it is our sins that distance the Lord from us, when in reality it is by our sins that we draw away from Him. … A common way of saying this is that, when we sin, we ‘turn our back on God’.”

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Ramadan produces spiritual fruits?

Every year, the Church unites herself with the mystery of Jesus in the desert through the celebration of Lent. Just as Christ wished to fast and overcome the temptations of the demon during forty days, in a similar manner, during lent, Catholics have a particularly favorable period of time geared toward the spiritual exercises and works of piety and charity.Continue Reading

The end of Easter Season. And the centenary of Fatima

Francis’ contrasts with Ecclesiastical doctrine, provided in surprising variety right from the start of his pontificate, have been mapped out by the Denzinger-Bergoglio and its collaborators. And it forms a veritable mountain-range of perplexities in which we have identified at least 123 topographical irregularities of impressive relevancy.Continue Reading