Francis omits…


…but the Magisterium is very clear:

Sacred Scripture
Magisterium of the Church
Fathers of the Church, Doctors and Saints

I – Agitation, hatred toward higher classes, rebellion, thirst for justice: instruments for struggle to change     the system
II – Economic failure and oppression: typical fruits of communism and socialism
III – Illusions, utopias and fantasies of a ‘better world’ are always propagated by Marxists, Socialists and Communists

I – Socialism: a fateful ideological system that destroys human liberty
II – The incompatibility of socialism with the dogmas of the Church is total
III – Marxism: clearest expression of resistance to the Holy Spirit
IV – Liberation Theology: a ‘facile millenarianism’ incompatible with the Catholic Faith

I – Inequality is willed by God Himself
II –
Christian charity flourishes within inequality
III – The effects of unnatural and compulsory equality

I – The devastating communist doctrine versus the divine Christian doctrine
II –
Intrinsically perverse system condemned by the Church
Communist sophisms attempt to deceive Catholics
IV –
The communist ‘openness’ toward Christians is inhuman persecution
V –
Helping the poor is not an ideological standard, but rather a normal trait of the Church’s charity

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