II Council of Orange (529)…

…judges Francis’ idea on doing good

  • Anyone who asserts that without grace we can labor well contradicts the Apostle

Canon 6. If anyone asserts that, without the grace of God, mercy is divinely given to us when we believe, will, desire, try, labor, pray, watch, study, seek, ask, urge, but does not confess that through the infusion and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in us, it is brought about that we believe, wish, or are able to do all these things as we ought, and does not join either to human humility or obedience the help of grace, nor agree that it is the gift of His grace that we are obedient and humble, opposes the Apostle who says: What have you, that you have not received? (1Cor 4:7); and: By the grace of God I am that, which I am (1Cor 15:10 cf. St. Augustine, De dono pers. 23, 64 and Saint Prosper of Aquitaine, Contra Coll 2, 6). (Denzinger-Hünermann 376. Saint Felix III, Council of Orange II, 529)

  • Deceived by a heretical spirit: to affirm that through the strength of nature, and without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, eternal life can be attained

Can. 7. If anyone affirms that without the illumination and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who gives to all sweetness in consenting to and believing in the truth, through the strength of nature he can think anything good which pertains to the salvation of eternal life, as he should, or choose, or consent to salvation, that is to the evangelical proclamation, he is deceived by the heretical spirit, not understanding the voice of God speaking in the Gospel: ‘Without me you can do nothing’ (Jn 15:5); and that of the Apostle: ‘Not that we are fit to think everything by ourselves as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is, from God’ (2Cor 3:5; cf. St. Augustine De gratia Christi 25, 26). (Denzinger-Hünermann 377. Saint Felix III, Council of Orange II, 529)

  • Without God man can do no good

Can. 20.That without God man can do no good. God does many good things in man, which man does not do; indeed man can do no good that God does not expect that man do’. (Denzinger-Hünermann 390. Saint Felix III, Council of Orange II, 529)

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