Innocent III

…judges Francis’ idea on the immortality of the soul

  • Those who have lived in this flesh will receive either punishment or rewards

We firmly believe and affirm also that judgment by Jesus Christ will be individually for those who have lived in this flesh, and that they will receive either punishment or rewards. (Denzinger-Hünermann 797. From the letter Eius exemplo, to the Archbishop of Terraco, December 18, 1208)

…judges Francis’ idea on First Holy Communion

  • What is perceived differs from the substance really present

Yet ‘mysterium fidei’ is mentioned, since something is believed there other than what is perceived; and something is perceived other than is believed. For the species of bread and wine is perceived there, and the truth of the body and blood of Christ is believed and the power of unity and of love.  We must, however, distinguish accurately between three things which are different in this sacrament, namely, the visible form, the truth of the body, and the spiritual power. The form is of the bread and wine; the truth, of the flesh and blood; the power, of unity and of charity. (Denzinger-Hünermann 782 –783, Letter Cum Marthae circa to John, Archbishop of Lyons, November 29, 1202)

…judges Francis’ idea on all being saved

  • We believe in one Church; not of the heretics, but the Catholic Church

By the heart we believe and by the mouth we confess the one Church, not of heretics but the Holy Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic (Church) outside which we believe that no one is saved. (Denzinger-Hünermann 792. Innocent III, Profession of Faith prescribed for Durand of Osca and his Waldensian companions, December 18, 1208)

…judges Francis’ idea of the Roman Curia

  • Venerate all that is of the Church

 But ecclesiastical orders and everything which in the holy Roman Church is read or sung as holy, we humbly praise and faithfully venerate. (Denzinger-Hünermann 796. Innocent III, From the letter Eius exemplo to the Archbishop of Terraco, 18 December, 1208)

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