Saint John Vianney…

…judges Francis’ idea that Jesus is only mercy

  • God is just in all that He does – when it is a matter of punishing us, it is done with rigor though we have only a light fault

No, my dear brethren, we would never have the courage to commit the least sin if we could understand how much it outrages God and how greatly it deserves to be rigorously punished, even in this world. God is just, my dear brethren, in all that He does. When He recompenses us for the smallest good action, He does so over and above all that we could desire. A good thought, a good desire, that is to say, the desire to do some good work even when we are not able to do it, He never leaves without a reward. But also, when it is a matter of punishing us, it is done with rigor, and though we should have only a light fault, we shall be sent into Purgatory. This is true, for we see it in the lives of the saints that many of them did not go to Heaven without having first passed through the flames of Purgatory. (Saint John-Marie Baptiste Vianney. The Sermons of the Curé of Ars, I come on behalf of God)

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