Sixtus V

…judges Francis’ idea on material charity

  • The knowledge of theology is of the greatest assistance to the Church in exposing and refuting errors and heresies

And, indeed, the knowledge and use of so salutary a science, which flows from the fertilizing founts of the sacred writings, the sovereign Pontiffs, the holy Fathers and the councils, must always be of the greatest assistance to the Church, whether with the view of really and soundly understanding and interpreting the Scriptures, or more safely and to better purpose reading and explaining the Fathers, or for exposing and refuting the various errors and heresies; and in these late days, when those dangerous times described by the Apostle are already upon us, when the blasphemers, the proud, and the seducers go from bad to worse, erring themselves and causing others to err, there is surely a very great need of confirming the dogmas of Catholic faith and confuting heresies. (Sixtus V. Bulla Triumphantis, 1588, cited by Leo XIII, Encyclical Aeterni Patris, no. 15, August 4, 1879)

…judges Francis’ idea on the Pope

  • The Pope bears the solicitude for all the Churches

The Roman Pontiff, to whom Christ the Lord instituted as visible Head of his Body, which is the Church, and desired that he bear the solicitude for all of the Churches, called and assumed many collaborators for an immense responsibility…so that, sharing with them (that is, the cardinals) and the other magistrates of the Roman Curia, the vast bulk of cares and concerns, the holder of the great power of the keys, with the help of divine grace, would not yield. (Sixtus V. Constitution Immensa Aeterni, February 11, 1588)

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