Urban II…

…judges Francis’ idea that Koran is a book of peace

  • A convocation in legitimate defense against the violence of the Muslim occupation: they kill and capture, destroy churches and devastate the empire

For your brethren who live in the east are in urgent need of your help, and you must hasten to give them the aid which has often been promised them. For, as the most of you have heard, the Turks and Arabs have attacked them and have conquered the territory of Romania [the Greek empire] as far west as the shore of the Mediterranean and the Hellespont, which is called the Arm of Saint George. They have occupied more and more of the lands of those Christians, and have overcome them in seven battles. They have killed and captured many, and have destroyed the churches and devastated the empire. (Urban II. Address for the Council of Clermont, 1095)

  • A barbaric fury has laid waste the churches of God in the regions of the Orient

Your brotherhood, we believe, has long since learned from many accounts that a barbaric fury has deplorably afflicted and laid waste the churches of God in the regions of the Orient. More than this, blasphemous to say, it has even grasped in intolerable servitude its churches and the Holy City of Christ, glorified by His passion and resurrection. Grieving with pious concern at this calamity, we visited the regions of Gaul and devoted ourselves largely to urging the princes of the land and their subjects to free the churches of the East. (Urban II. Letter of instruction to the Crusader in Flanders, December 1095)


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