XLVIII International Eucharistic Congress…

…judges Francis’ idea on ‘good vibes

  • The New Age constitutes a threat to Eucharistic piety

There exists another threat to Eucharistic piety. It is derived from the anti-sacramental character of fundamentalist protestant groups and sects, which, unfortunately, have opened a path among the peoples of America. While some of them adhere solely to the belief in Christ as Lord and Savior and a personal interpretation of Sacred Scripture, other sects are formed by more or less heterodox Christians or are spiritualisms that are completely New Age. Only a profound catechesis regarding the Eucharist may be a remedy for the erosion that these groups produce in the faith of our Catholic people. (Theological-Pastoral Symposium, 48th International Eucharistic Congress, no. 2, October 6, 2004)

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